"Professional Make-up Artist and Permanent Make-up Artist"
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PERMANENT MAKE-UP using the Softap Method of manually implanting pigment into the dermal layer of the skin very painless, or Digital Machine Method. Skillfully trained in both methods.

Here are some pointers on what permanent Make-up Can Do For You!
  • Superior Comfort (No Pain)
  • Save you time  
  • Make your eyelashes look thicker   
  • Enhance your own natural features
  • Save you money
  • Make lips look fuller
  • Make lips more defined
  • Correct uneven or narrow lips
  • Make you look younger with a custom brow arch
  • Fill in brows where hairs were lost
  • Wake up every morning with perfect makeup  
  • No smudging, smearing, or running of makeup
  • For people who can’t see well to apply makeup
  • Great for athletes who bike, swim, run or do aerobic exercise.
  • For people who are allergic to regular makeup
  • For people with oily or combination skin who ten to absorb or “lose” makeup
  • Convenience

What is the SOFTAP Technique?
With the Softap technique the application of implanting color into the skin is done manually.  The Softap Hand method is the oldest technique used for implanting color in the skin.  No electrical devices are used. The technique is very controlled, accurate, precise and 100% disposable and health safe.  The final look of the procedure is a natural soft and powdery look.  Never harsh or stark looking.
All Permanent make-up regardless of the hand or machine method technique will fade 20% to 40% of its original application, even though at first it will appear darker due to the oxidation process that takes place.

A follow up visit is scheduled 3 to 6 wks after your first application to add or adjust the color or color volume.  Generally eyeliner and brow procedures take the two applications, However lip procedures may take 3 applications.

Permanent Make-up should look good and last 3 to 5 years before another application is needed, but to keep it looking fresh we recommend you do our yearly touchup at a discounted price. It keeps the make-up looking fresh and saves you money.

The softap method is very gentle, skin recovers faster, less discomfort with faster healing.

Most clients can go out to dinner, return to work or run errands immediately after the procedure.
You will love how it looks on you!!

Can traditional make-up be used over the permanent make-up?

Permanent make-up application is designed and applied to enhance one’s own natural features. Colors from traditional make-up can be used over the permanent make-up to change any existing implanted color, or to add a more dramatic look for evening or a special occasion.  Permanent make-up enhances, not limits you to color preferences.

Permanent cosmetic application can indeed enhance the quality of one’s life, not only making you look better, but also feel better 24 hours a day.

SPCP (Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professions) member

CPCP (Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional) certified
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